Realise the true value of your mailroom function.

Take control of your corporate mailroom function with Drake Business Services Asia. Combining decades of expertise, robust technology, and proven experience within the Philippines' most demanding environments, we combine local expertise with the proven Swiss Post Solutions framework to deliver sustainable cost savings for your business.

Our approach? We’ll work closely with you to determine your specific requirements and design a solution to match – providing the right people, supporting them with proven processes and equipping them with market-leading technology. Building on the Swiss Post Solutions model employed across five hundred global mailrooms, we tailor our approach to the unique needs of the local market.  

The result? A mailroom function which offers complete visibility and accountability across the end-to-end information management cycle – empowering your organisation to focus on what matters. 

Beyond physical mailroom management, we draw on our Swiss Post Solutions partnership to offer Digital Mailroom solutions, reducing footprint and improving information accessibility through digitisation of physical mail.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Drake Business Services Asia can bring value to your mailroom.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Security & Compliance
  • Full Custody Chain of Inbound Items
  • Automation of Manual Processes
  • Sustainable Cost Reduction
  • Full Workforce Management
  • Detailed Management Reporting
  • Third-Party Supplier Management

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