Entrust your business-critical consignments to the market leader.

Employing over four hundred on-foot and motorized messengers throughout the Greater Manila Area, Drake Business Services Asia are your local experts in Managed Messenger Services.

Combining global experience with local expertise, we streamline and enhance your organisation’s messenger service through aligning people with technology – ensuring your important consignments are delivered on time, every time.

A High-Performing Messenger Workforce

When it comes to service excellence – people are key. Beyond carefully hand-picking our messenger teams, we invest in equipping our messengers with the skills to succeed through in-house training workshops.

Understanding that every business is unique, we deliver tailored induction programs covering both fundamental and client-specific skills to ensure a high level of service tailored to your organisation.

Beyond training, we measure the performance of each messenger closely, providing the support needed to help them realise their potential.

Optimising Your Processes

Once the right people are in place, we take a close look at current operations – identifying ways to run your messenger service more effectively.

From time-consuming paper forms to route optimisation and suitable equipment, we review the full request-to-delivery process to determine where improvements can be made to speed, accuracy, and compliance.

Transformation Through Technology

DBSA Messenger Services are powered by Digital Hub – an integrated platform for booking and tracking messengers – optimising their routes and ensuring your consignments are delivered as efficiently as possible.

Fully integrated with Google Maps, Digital Hub rationalises cost and consolidates shipments intelligently to reduce your courier spend whilst providing unmatched transparency and visibility of messenger movements.

Beyond route efficiency, Digital Hub simplifies the courier booking process for your employees, making it quicker and easier to book the service you need, and reconcile the cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully-managed messenger service
  • End-to-end consignment tracking
  • Real-time messenger GPS tracking
  • Automated cost reconciliation
  • Simplified booking interface

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