Secure, reliable transport to get your employees safely where they need to be.

Looking to simplify and optimise your workforce transportation costs? We’ve developed a solution.

Purpose built for the Philippines market, Digital Hub Transport has been designed to solve the local corporate transport challenges of the region through intelligent carpooling, real-time GPS visibility and easy cost reconciliation.

Available alongside our Mailroom and Messenger modules on Digital Hub, your workforce will benefit from simplified access to all services under a single platform.



Using the same advanced route optimisation engine built into our messenger-management solution, Digital Hub Transport automatically calculates the most efficient carpooling route possible to reduce unnecessary cost.


GPS Tracking

Be confident in knowing the movements of your employees as they use Digital Hub through in-build GPS tracking of each vehicle and rider.

Receive real-time alerts of issues and estimate arrival times.


Cost Centre Reconciliation 

Featuring built-in cost reconciliation, Digital Hub Transport eliminates the costly exercise of manually processing and allocating transport expenses. All payments are processed directly from the app using the unique login details of each user to create a digital record of their costs incurred.


Reporting & Analytics

Digital Hub Transport contains a sophisticated reporting and analytics engine to provide your business oversight of key metrics, such as usage per cost centre, number of trips booked, distance travelled, costs saved through carpooling, costs incurred for each cost centre and other key information.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully-managed messenger service
  • End-to-end consignment tracking
  • Real-time messenger GPS tracking
  • Automated cost reconciliation
  • Simplified booking interface

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