A single integrated platform to manage the end to end mailroom function.

Introducing Digital Hub

Representing the latest developments in workflow management systems, Digital Hub streamlines processes and empowers users with intuitive access to mail, courier, and other services within a single platform.  

Developed specifically for the unique Asia-Pacific market, we designed Digital Hub as a scalable platform – customisable to the needs of your business and expandable to include functionality relevant to you – such as print room integration or on-site parking management.

With intuitiveness, ease of implementation, and user experience in mind, each of your employees will be equipped with a unique Digital Hub account – allocating expenses to their respective cost centres.

Outbound Track & Trace 

With full integration across major carriers, Digital Hub allows mail and courier bookings to be placed directly with your preferred carriers – simplifying the process to save you time.

Taking urgency into consideration, the most cost-efficient services will be suggested and allocated to the correct cost centre – reducing your carrier spend and time-consuming administration.

An intelligent address book engine remembers commonly used addresses and provides the sender and recipient track and trace information to follow the progress of their request. Point-in-time GPS tracking of couriers empowers your staff to proactively monitor the movements of their consignment.

Internal Track & Trace 

Digital Hub incorporates an internal tracking solution for managing internal items as they move within your business. Accountable items will be barcoded at point of entry, providing a complete audit trail through to confirmed proof of delivery.

Supported across both desktop and mobile platforms, users can adjust their notification preferences as desired to receive instant updates on the status of their consignment.

Flexible Deployment

Understanding the diverse data security policies of Philippines business, Digital Hub can be either cloud-hosted or deployed on-premises as desired. Our experienced solutions architects will work with you to design a deployment solution which fits best with your business.

Reporting Capability

Digital Hub contains a sophisticated reporting suite providing deep insight into the metrics that matter. From mailroom performance through to cost-centre spend management and carrier efficiency, Digital Hub provides intuitive access to the information relevant to your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Single Integrated Platform
  • Internal Track & Trace
  • Cost Centre Reconciliation
  • Cloud/On-Premises Deployment
  • Single Sign-On Capability
  • Sophisticated Reporting Suite
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Built-In Cost Rationalisation
  • Client-Customisable Interface
  • External Scalability

Case Study – BDO Unibank

After successfully transitioning 75 mailroom operators in a single month, our team noted a significant operational risk – the manual recording of over 75,000 daily transactions over three hubs.

Following deployment of the Digital Hub solution, all transactions are now encoded, consolidated, monitored and tracked across BDO’s 3,100 national branches, significantly reducing the risk and impact of manual input errors.

“DBSA is the subject matter expert when it comes to Mailroom Management. We’re very pleased that we are embarking this digital transformation journey with DBSA team.”

John Paul Marbella
Senior Manager: Mail & Courier

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