Business Process Outsourcing – IT Services

DBSA BPO IT is composed of well-rounded IT professionals with a minimum experience of 5 years in the IT industry who have been together for almost five years. We have a pool of developers with expertise in Microsoft Platform and Adobe Coldfusion development supported by QA testers experienced in manual and automated testing. Communication is not a problem with us as we can understand and express ourselves in English. That made us attain a good working relationship with our counterparts in North America and Australia.

Why consider us? Building and maintaining your own IT team is quite expensive as you need to be at par with the compensation being offered in the market and be more creative on how you can keep your IT employees longer in your team. Why build your own IT team if you can outsource your IT requirements with us? We’ll take care of what you need with no worries of having your own IT people that you need to maintain. From software development to business process, you can outsource it with us. DBSA BPO IT is delighted to be of service to YOU.

Services include:

  • Software Development
    • Application system development
    • Maintenance of existing applications written in .NET or Coldfusion
    • Customization and enhancement of existing application
  • Website Development
  • Software Testing (Manual and Automation)
  • Technical Support
  • IT Consultancy
    • Project Management
    • Business Analysis
    • System Analysis and Design
    • Technical Documentation
  • System Integration

Our Process:
Our BPO Process